Airport Locations: Take Flight with Fresh Eats 🛫 – Farmer's Fridge Delivery

Airport Locations: Take Flight with Fresh Eats 🛫

Traveling is back and the airports are buzzing! We're back to the gate-hopping and window seat views of the skies we love. We know these hubs aren’t notorious for healthier food options so consider this a PSA – Farmer’s Fridge is now available in airports! Get your fresh eats on whether you’re on the ground or taking flight.

East Coast: 


JFK - John F. Kennedy

Terminal 4 - Gate A4
Terminal 4 - Gate B25
Terminal 8 - Food court

    EWR - Newark Liberty International

    Terminal A Food Court (pre-security)
    Terminal A - Gate A2
    Terminal A - Gate A3
    Terminal B - Gate A1
    Terminal B (across from food court)

      PHL - Philadelphia International Airport

      Terminals A/B Link
      Terminals C/D Link
      Baggage Claim E



        ORD - O'Hare International

        Terminal 1 - Gate B20
        Terminal 2 - Gate F6
        Terminal 3 - Gate K6
        Terminal 3 - Baggage Claim
        Terminal 5 - Arrivals

        Terminal 5 - Gate M1
        Terminal 5 - Gate M5
        Terminal 5 - Gate M6
        Terminal 5 - Gate M16
        Terminal 5 - Gate M18

          IND - Indianapolis International

          Concourse A - Gate A14
          Concourse A (post-security)
          Concourse B - Gate B16
          Concourse (post-security)

            MKE - Milwaukee Mitchell Airport

            Concourse C - Gate C9
            Concourse D - Gate D42

              CVG - Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

              Ticketing Level
              Concourse A - Gate A7
              Concourse B - Gate B13 


              West Coast:

              LAX - Los Angeles International Airport

              Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC) - Great Hall
              Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC)  2 - Gate 205

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