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Get to Know Our Home Delivery Program

When we launched our delivery program in March 2020, we were thinking only of the immediate future. We knew we wanted to get healthy food to our customers and keep our team employed through the pandemic. A delivery program, to be honest, wasn’t on the horizon pre-2020. But after a few weeks with all-hands-on-deck figuring out the logistics of the program, we launched home delivery, and the customer reaction quickly convinced us to make it a permanent part of our offering.

1. On a kitchen island sit three Farmer’s Fridge jars. To their right in an Apple laptop opened to the Farmer’s Fridge deliver website.

Wondering how the program works? We've got three simple steps for ready-to-eat, healthy meals delivered straight to your door.

Step #1:

Order online, pick your items, choose your delivery date and pay. No subscription required.

Step #2:

Sit back and wait – we’ll send you an email confirming your delivery window. Your meal will be delivered in one of our temperature-controlled vans. 

Step #3:

On the day of your delivery, keep your phone nearby! Your driver will call or text you when they’re a few minutes away and to collect any info on where to leave your items.

Step #4:

Smile as you stock your fridge with no chop, no prep meals for the week. Or better yet, open up a jar for lunch today!

2. Deliver man is holding a large brown paper bag wearing a gray sweatshirt that reads, “Farmer’s Fridge Delivery”. He’s standing in front of a green delivery van that also reads, “Farmer’s Fridge Delivery”.