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Reusables: Our Favorite Jar Ideas

Anyone who has received Farmer’s Fridge delivered regularly asks the inevitable question, “So, what do I do with those jars?” You’re in luck because our fans have given us tons of creative ideas for reusing their jars. 

Although all our packaging materials are recyclable, we encourage you to reuse your jars whenever possible. It cuts down on single-use plastic, and honestly, who doesn’t love a good multi-use jar. Whether you want to use our 4 oz snacks jars to liven up your spice cabinet or use our 32 oz salad jars to store a week’s worth of cold brew in the fridge, our jars are up to the task. 

Here's some of our favorites:

Pinterest-level Crafting Storage

Your pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and pom poms have never been easier to find.

    Keeping Your Bar Cart Faves Stocked  

    Your newest bar cart companion. Store your go-to garnishes where you need them most.

      Spice up Your Pantry

      Pinterest-approved pantry achieved! Our 4 oz containers make bulk spices easy to see and use.

        "Beakers" For Your Diy Science Experiments

        Great for all of the science projects we're doing at home these days.

          Your Go-to Breakfast – Made In Advance

          Make in bulk and store in your fridge for the week. Finish off with your fave toppings in the morning and go! 

            Take Your Treats on the Road With You

            Easy to share and even easier to eat on the go. We say this one's a winner.

            One note about our jars – be careful how you clean them! The large salad jars can’t go in the dishwasher, but the medium ones can. Tag us on social media and show us how you use yours.