Supplier Stories: Tillamook Dairy

Did you know the cheddar in our products comes from Tillamook – a farmer-owned and farmer-led dairy co-operative?

Dairy Cow at Tillamook Farms

Since 1909, Tillamook has been committed to better-made dairy products, including only using milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. They're also a certified B corp, meaning they have been certified as meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

It's important to us to work with partners who share our commitment to the best taste possible; who believe in treating their employees and the environment as ethically as possible. Of course, impeccable food safety standards are a must, as well as the capability to meet our demand for volume.

We constantly aim to reduce our environmental impact at every level of the production process which is why we're such big fans of Tillamook! Their Oregon-based operation is committed to sustaining the resources benefitting us all. Tillamook firmly believes consuming resources, like soil nutrients and and energy sources, should be done in a conservative and responsible manner – so we can all enjoy for years to come!

Enjoy their cheddar cheese in our Buffalo Chicken Ranch & Smoked Cheddar Cobb Salads!