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  • Meet Dawn Jackson "DJ" Blatner

    Meet one of our Eat More Colors wellness experts, Dawn Jackson "DJ" Blatner. She's a registered dietician, superfood nutritionist, author, media personality and has plenty of tips to share!
  • Reusables: Our Favorite Jar Ideas

    Find yourself wondering what to do with your leftover Farmer's Fridge jars? You’re in luck because our fans have given us tons of creative ideas for reusing their jars. 
  • Fridge Hack: Burrito Bowl

    The Burrito Bowl is one of our top contenders –– and we see why! While it's already great on its own, it's even better when you add a twist.
  • Fridge Hack: Kimchi Fried Rice Bowl

    Our Kimchi Fried Rice bowl can be enjoyed hot or cold – both delicious. Lucky for us, our Head Chef has a tip to make enjoying it at home even better!
  • Get to Know Our Home Delivery Program

    Wondering how the program works? We've got three simple steps for ready-to-eat, healthy meals delivered straight to your door.
  • Housemade Sauces

    We proudly make the majority of our dressings and sauces in house, by hand – so we can control what’s in them, using everyday pantry staples and whole, quality ingredients.
  • Hi, we're Farmer's Fridge 👋

    Hi, we’re Farmer’s Fridge. Our goal is to make it simple for everyone to eat fresh, healthy meals, whether you’re on the go or at home. 

  • Inspiration Series: Enchilada Roja Plate

    Our Enchilada Roja Plate was inspired by one of our own – Director of Distribution Julian Defranco. Last year at Farmer's Fridge, we held our own version of the popular TV Show Chopped.