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  • Hello from the Kitchen!

    See where everything starts – our kitchen. Where we handle all of the washing, prepping, chopping and packaging before our fresh eats make it to you. Want to know what's in the “secret sauce” that makes our food so tasty and our business successful? 
  • Supplier Stories: SIMPLi

    Meet SIMPLi, our chia seed and quinoa supplier, aka the key ingredients behind our most popular menu items! Quinoa – misunderstood by many (is it...
  • Meet the Menu Team

    It's time to put a face to the tasty food you eat – Meet the R&D team.
  • Get Into These Fresh Seasonal Favorites! ☀️

    To know us is to understand we’re here to keep you FAR away from boring salads and meals. Ready to see what's new this season and already becoming the official Fridge Faves? We've got you covered:
  • Free Fridge Giveaway Winners Announced!

    We decided to give away a Farmer’s Fridge to one lucky workplace, stocked with FREE food for a month and for four lucky runner-ups, a Fridge & food for a week. To win the grand prize was simple: be the location with the most nominations.
  • ATTN: Now Entering Salad Season

    The sun is out, temps are warming up, and we’re all reaching for what’s refreshing. Welcome to Salad Season.
  • New Airport Locations Unlocked! ✈️

    Find us in the grab-n-go coolers of these Airport store locations.
  • Healthy Eating For The Whole Family

    Healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated and the secret to it isn't so secret either. We know there is a lot of conflicting information out there on nutrition but when it comes down to it, you're allowed to (and should) nourish your body with the foods you actually enjoy!
  • 6 Reasons Why Having Food At Work Keeps People Happy

    Are you wondering how offering meals for your staff could benefit your company? Maybe you're hoping to understand how spending money on food affects your bottom line when it appears to be an added expense? Here is a list of six reasons why you should really consider having food at work.
  • Increase Employee Productivity Through Healthy Meals

    If you’re trying to figure out what could be affecting your workers’ productivity, one important thing you may overlook is how, when, and what your employees eat.
  • Are Prepared Meals Becoming More Popular Than Meal Kits?

    Farmer’s Fridge has a a revolving menu of 20+ healthy and affordable made-from-scratch meals that are ready to be eaten!
  • Meet Jasmine Leaf - Our Eat More Colors Winter Wellness Program Expert

    Meet our Eat More Colors wellness expert, Jasmine "Jazz" Leaf. She's a nutritional therapist, chef to pro athletes, and is sharing her favorite salmon recipe with us!