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6 Reasons Why Having Food At Work Keeps People Happy


It’s very easy to take productivity to mean a lack of breaks, constant work, and no pause. When there are deadlines on the horizon and more work coming in, taking a moment to well, have a Kit-Kat, might feel counterproductive and wasteful. However, the opposite is actually true…


Having a balanced office structure that encourages your teams to catch their breath can do wonders for your office culture. It can increase productivity, boost team morale, show employee appreciation, and enhance satisfaction. And what better way to do this than to give your staff a well-deserved lunch break with an office food program? Feed the masses, we say!

Are you wondering how offering meals to your staff could benefit your company? Maybe you're hoping to understand how spending money on food affects your bottom line when it appears to be an added expense? 

Well, keep reading to find out the top reasons why providing food at the office leaves employees satisfied and happy. We’ll also show other benefits of providing food at work and give you the best examples from big brands. 

Here is a list of six reasons why you should really consider having food at work:

1. Missed Meals Lead To “Hangry” Workers

“Hangry” has become the go-to term to describe the symptoms that arise when lunchtime is taking a bit too lunch to come around or you've missed a meal all together. When we skip meals, we deprive our body of important nutrients that help it function. It’s like failing to put gas in your car but still expecting it to run. 

Without food, blood sugar levels may drop, leading to:

  • Exhaustion
  • Heightened stress level
  • Irritability or 'hangry' moods
  • Slow responsiveness and brain fog
  • Decreased concentration and attentiveness
  • Sluggish performance

2. Food Can Boost Productivity (and retention)

Not only is food important, but the kind of food we eat has a direct effect on how our brains and bodies function. By offering nutritious meals for your staff (like the ones on our menu) you can help to enhance moods, performance and well-being. It's a win-win-win! We want to help people feel like the best versions of themselves which is why every one of our meal offerings contains full serving of fruits or vegetables. So you're helping yourself regardless of what you choose.

Some interesting points to keep in mind when leveraging this relationship between food, well-being, and productivity include:

  • Eating meals with high carb levels can negatively affect your productivity. Having high-carb breakfasts impacts brain hormones (tryptophan and serotonin). And these hormones affect your focus, cognition, and mood.
  • Food with high sugar levels can cause inconsistent work ethic, affecting overall employee performance. You may experience brief energy peaks followed by low, unproductive dips.
  • When you are hungry, your stomach releases a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone can affect your impulsivity and decision-making capabilities.
  • Your diet has a direct effect on your sleeping patterns, which impact productivity, alertness, and focus.

So, essentially, you want to provide healthy, nutritious, and balanced foods that will fuel your employees rather than drain them. This is a sure-fire way to create a happier, more productive work environment. Luckily for you, we at Farmer’s Fridge can help you get this right!

Let us stock your office with fresh ready-to-eat, portable salads, bowls, wraps, and more. Our diverse menu covers breakfast, lunch, and even snacks.

3. Promotes Employee Interactions


Collaboration is important for smooth working environments. When workers ‘gel’, they work better together and as a result, projects run smoother. However, with more individualized workspaces, it can be difficult for employees to find time to, well... gel.

In-office canteens and food corners can be an employee benefit that encourages interactions and creative brainstorms. Those chats by the coffee machine can be just what your staff needs to nurture relationships that can have bearing on office productivity. As a matter of fact, it may not be a bad idea to have snacks and small meals during less formal meetings as it can encourage a more open environment and increase engagement.

4. One Less Thing For Employees To Stress About

A lot of effort goes into maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, and it can be difficult for working individuals. There just isn’t time to prepare and cook meals after a long day’s work! Even that haunting question of “what am I gonna have for lunch tomorrow?” can be a source of unneeded stress. 

Give your staff (and yourself) one less thing to worry about – we've already done all the work. We've already taken care of the shopping, meal prepping, planning, chopping, cooking, and packaging. It may not seem like much but, trust us, the time saved on these tasks can make a big difference and help everyone spend more time elsewhere.

Thirty minutes that would've been spent over the stove then turns into thirty extra minutes to run through that big pitch again for tomorrow. You also won't have to worry about people coming in late from lunch and missing tasks because they were held up at the local coffee shop or deli waiting for their order.

5. It Can Save You Money

Another benefit your company can gain from giving workers meals is cost savings. When your company provides meals or meal subsidies and allowances to staff, you qualify for tax benefits. This is because meal provision falls under non-monetary allowance, meaning you don't have to pay any labor wage costs for them. They are excluded from labor wage costs.

This will also make your employees very happy because fee fringe benefit tax deductions mean their gross income increases.

6. Boosts Morale And Helps With Employee Retention


Providing food can do wonders for employee morale. As a workplace perk, food provision can make workers feel valued, help show that you care for their wellbeing, and encourage a sense of community. These benefits can impact how workers feel about their value as individuals in your organization.

Employee morale and well-being have a direct impact on your bottom line, too! 50% of workers would sacrifice their pay for a job they love and over 40% of employees would accept a pay reduction in exchange for their company’s investment in their health and well-being. 

Considering these numbers, then, prioritizing well-being affects your company's ability to retain workers. And you want to do so because losing workers is costly. Replacing one employee can cost your company from half to twice that worker’s annual pay. With this high cost of replacing employees, it’s much better to work on keeping the workers you have already by making sure they’re happy and healthy!

Examples Of Brands Investing In The Workplace Food Culture

Well, you don’t have to just take our word for it. Here are some top companies that understand the importance of providing food for their employees to keep them satisfied and productive. 


Google’s free lunches are one of the tech giant’s most popular employee benefits. Their staff has access to restaurants, cafes, kitchenettes, and other spaces where they can get free meals. They've even have a Farmer's Fridge of their own in their Chicago office.


The social media company’s employees get free daily lunches and dinners. Twitter's in-house cafe caters to a variety of meal preferences or requirements, providing Kosher, Halaal, and other healthy meal options.


With over forty restaurants run by world-renowned chefs at the Facebook headquarters, the social media giant takes meal provisions to a whole new level. The restaurants offer Kosher, Halaal, and vegan meals as well as a diverse range of cuisines.

All employees eat free at the cafeteria and can also pick up tea time snacks at the kitchenettes available on each floor.

So, How Can You Get Started?


Our advice: start small! It may feel like a huge undertaking to provide full meals to an entire office of workers. However, there are easy ways to get your food program going. 

You could consider having one day a week when you offer food to your workers. Or you can use a convenient service like Farmer’s Fridge to provide healthy, individually packaged meals for your workers every day. 

Our regularly stocked Smart Fridges also emphasize convenient yet healthy eating for employees. These work like vending machines except you can offer free, per diem meals via the app or employees can pay using their credit or debit cards.

Some organizations also opt to subsidize employee meals. This can involve meal coupons, reimbursements, allowances, and more. Farmer’s Fridge Smart Fridges support meal subsidy plans by allowing employers to cover some meals bought for their workers.

Final Thoughts

Having food at work doesn’t have to be a huge expense but it is definitely one worth incurring. It has amazing benefits for your office culture, employee morale, and overall productivity. And there’s one super important gain that may top the list - you don’t have to deal with grouchy, hangry workers!

Outside of the cost, this employee technique need not take much effort from your management team. With our food supply options at Farmer’s Fridge, you can choose from, wholesale options, ready-made meal delivery, and in-office Smart Fridges.

We’re here to support you on your road to keeping happier, healthier teammates!

Farmer’s Fridge started in 2013 selling fresh, healthy meals from refrigerated vending machines in places like airports and hospitals. Now, we’re bringing our individually packaged meals and snacks straight to retail locations, offices, universities and more through our Fridges and wholesale options. Want to see Farmer’s Fridge on your shelf or use our products to feed your organization? Learn more or get in contact today.