Inside: Your Fresh Start to the New Year – Farmer's Fridge Delivery

Inside: Your Fresh Start to the New Year

The new year is the perfect time for a fresh start and we heard you say you were going to welcome it with fresh, healthy foods... So let us help kick-start your new healthy eating regimen, and make it easier to stick to your goals all year long!

Making tasty, healthy food as accessible as possible is kind of our whole thing, so if you’re trying to find a convenient way to get your greens in – look no further. Our fresh meal options are here and even ready to be delivered right to your door! How can you make a salad delivery a regular part of your new year? Try scheduled orders – they’re our way of getting you the food you love on your schedule and it’s our most requested feature EVER. Find it exclusively in the Farmer’s Fridge app for a select group of customers.

Why try scheduled orders?

1. Get the items you love delivered on a day that works for you, on a recurring schedule.
2. You can swap items or skip deliveries whenever you want – no strings attached!
3. Set it and forget it = more brain space for the rest of your life’s daily needs.

How does it work?

1. Choose your frequency and day of the week

2. Select your items

3. Swap items or skip deliveries whenever you want.

Ready to give it a try? First, make sure you have our app downloaded here and start browsing our menu today! Your next salad delivery is only a few clicks away.

Farmer’s Fridge started in 2013 and is revolutionizing healthy pre-made meals with zero effort meal prep, easy lunches on-the-go, and fresh food delivered right to your door. Find our smart Fridges in office buildings, airports and hospitals or purchase our individually packaged meals in retail locations such as Target. Order for home delivery (almost) nationwide or find a Fridge near you at or via our mobile app. Because fresh food should be as accessible as a candy bar.