Airport Locations: Take Flight with Fresh Eats 🛫 – Farmer's Fridge Delivery

Airport Locations: Take Flight with Fresh Eats 🛫

We know airports aren’t notorious for fresh, healthy options so consider this a PSA – Farmer’s Fridge is now available in airports coast to coast! Get your fresh eats on whether you’re on the ground or taking flight.

East Coast: 


JFK - John F. Kennedy

Terminal 4 - Gate A4
Terminal 4 - Gate B25
Terminal 8 - Food court

    EWR - Newark Liberty International

    Terminal A Food Court (pre-security)
    Terminal A - Gate A2
    Terminal A - Gate A3
    Terminal B - Gate A1
    Terminal B (across from food court)

      PHL - Philadelphia International Airport

      Terminals A/B Link
      Terminals C/D Link
      Baggage Claim E



        ORD - O'Hare International

        Terminal 1 - Gate B20
        Terminal 2 - Gate F6
        Terminal 3 - Gate K6
        Terminal 3 - Baggage Claim
        Terminal 5 - Arrivals

        Terminal 5 - Gate M1
        Terminal 5 - Gate M5
        Terminal 5 - Gate M6
        Terminal 5 - Gate M16
        Terminal 5 - Gate M18

        MDW - Chicago Midway International Airport

        Central Market Area (Post-Security)
        Concourse A4A - (Near passenger seating)
        Concourse C (USO Office)
        Concourse (post-security)

          IND - Indianapolis International

          Concourse A - Gate A14
          Concourse A (post-security)

            MSP - Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport

            Concourse C - Gate C4
            Concourse C - Gate C12
            Concourse C - Gate C18
            Concourse E - Gate E16
            Concourse F - Gates F8
            Concourse F - Gates F10 
            MSP Mall
            Baggage Claim 


            MKE - Milwaukee Mitchell Airport

            Concourse C - Gate C9
            Concourse D - Gate D42

              CVG - Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

              Ticketing Level
              Concourse A - Gate A7
              Concourse B - Gate B13 

              CMH - John Glenn Columbus International Airport

              Concourse A - Gate A3
              Concourse B - Gate B21
              Concourse C - Gate C49
              Food Court (Pre-Security)

              STL - St. Louis Lambert International Airport

              Terminal 1 - Gate C4
              Terminal 1 - Gate A4
              Terminal 1 - Gate A17
              Terminal 2 - Gate E20
              Terminal 2 - Baggage Claim
              Terminal 2 - Gate E10


              West Coast:

              LAX - Los Angeles International Airport

              Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC) - Great Hall
              Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC)  2 - Gate 205

              The South:

              DFW - Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport

              C2 - American Airlines Employee Lounge
              Terminal A - Gate A28

              Terminal A - Gate A21 (double Fridge)

              Terminal A - Gate 35 American Airlines Employee Lounge

              Terminal D - Gate D38

              Terminal D  - Gate D36

              Terminal E - Gate E7

                  Pro tip: Download the app to find which Fridge location is nearest you at any time, and enjoy fresh, healthy, meals on the go 24/7.


                  Farmer’s Fridge started in 2013 and is revolutionizing healthy pre-made meals with zero effort meal prep, easy lunches on-the-go, and fresh food delivered right to your door. Find our smart Fridges in office buildings, airports and hospitals or purchase our individually packaged meals in retail locations such as Target. Order for home delivery (almost) nationwide or find a Fridge near you at or via our mobile app. Because fresh food should be as accessible as a candy bar.