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Meet Dawn Jackson "DJ" Blatner

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Dawn is a registered dietitian, superfood nutritionist, author, and media personality – and one of our Eat More Colors wellness experts.

Get to know Dawn! – She starred in (and won!) ABC’s hit primetime reality TV show, My Diet Is Better Than Yours. Dawn also worked as the head dietitian for the Chicago Cubs for 10 years (yes, she has a World Series ring) and hosted a lifestyle TV show in Chicago for 3 seasons.

What does a typical day look like for you?

 I love mornings so I make sure to make the most of them. My magical morning routine includes 1) reading something inspiring or listening to a guided meditation, 2) exercise/movement, 3) adaptogen coffee, and 4) getting fresh air or at least sunlight through a window. My work days never look the same, I could be creating an IG post, doing a TV segment, teaching an online nutrition class, leading a cooking demo, recipe testing in my kitchen, or delivering a keynote presentation.

Favorite form of exercise?

Jump Rope! It is such a playful & convenient way to add fitness to your life. It can add more joy, relieve stress, supercharge creativity, and keep you feeling youthful & energized. 


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What's something you could you learn from your younger self?

My younger self was pretty wise, and that's true of everyone. As kids, we dream wildly, see the awe in simple things, play & create without judgment, and aren't afraid to try new things. We all should take more advice from our younger selves!

What’s your favorite recipe to make at home?

I love tacos! 🌮 My favorite superfood vegan taco filling has just 3 ingredients: finely chopped walnuts (2 cups) + cauliflower rice (2 heaping cups) + taco seasoning (2 tablespoons). YUM! And my favorite taco topper is linked here 


Favorite Farmer’s Fridge menu item?

I love the almond butter oats & kimchi fried rice. Also a big fan of the cookie dough bites when I want a sweet treat.

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