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Meet Wellness Expert Kellen Townsend

Kellen is a senior SoulCycle instructor, a competitive runner, and one of our Eat More Colors wellness experts.
Kellen Townsend in black shirt

Tell us about yourself! 

I am a Senior Instructor at SoulCycle with more than six years of experience on the podium. I grew up as a competitive short distance runner for 13 years, but transitioned into long-distance running as an adult, completing three full marathons, six half-marathons and a sprint triathlon.

I have always possessed a love for music and dance. My intention within the fitness community is to create a safe and inclusive space for queer people and people of color to move, sweat and live their best lives. Before the year's limitations, I enjoyed attending live shows throughout Chicago, walking my miniature dachshund, Arson, cooking and relaxing at home, or unwinding on the beach in the summer.

What does a typical day look like for you?

This year has been anything but typical for me, so it varies. However, I typically teach anywhere between one and three times per day. This usually wears me out, so I always find time for a nap. I usually try to get my own workout in as well and cook delicious dinner at home! My spare time is often spent listening to a podcast or audiobook and catching up with family and friends over the phone. During the summer, I love to spend as much time near the lake as possible.

What are 3 tips you’d give someone looking to improve their overall wellness?

Tip #1: Create a plan/schedule of your scheduled workouts! Write it down or place reminders in your phone.

Tip #2: Enroll others in your wellness plan. It is so much easier to meet your health and wellness goals when you have an accountability partner and someone to help you stay motivated.

Tip #3: Set small goals and reward yourself for a job well-done! The small milestones will add up to a larger goal.

Favorite form of exercise?

Indoor Cycling.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Care less about what other people think, because you know what is best for you. Trust your gut.

Favorite Farmer’s Fridge menu item?:

I love the Burrito Bowl!

What’s your favorite meal to prepare to make at home? 

The most consistent recipe that I've made at home over the last decade is my smoothie recipe. Almond milk, frozen banana, frozen blueberries/strawberries, frozen spinach/kale, almond butter, honey, protein powder.

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