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Meet Wellness Expert Lindsay Howe Ruth

Lindsay is a fitness instructor, former Radio City Rockette, and one of our Eat More Colors wellness experts.
Lindsay Howe Ruth

Tell us about yourself! 

Hi! 2020 brought changes for everyone, but dang did things turn upside for me! After dancing in NYC with the Radio City Rockettes for 16 years, I ended up moving out of my fav city to Austin, TX plus becoming a first time mama!! All during COVID! I teach fitness- dance cardio & toning to clients all across the states thanks to Zoom, manage the fitness & wellness Ambassador program for Carbon38, and sneak in some much needed Netflix and chill when possible!

In addition to my new little son, Iggy, I'm puppy mom to my 7 year old rescue pup, Heidi. I'm currently obsessed with anything tie dye, anything dark chocolate and binging podcasts while power walking. That's me in a nutshell.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Wake up & COFFEE! If I'm lucky, I'll sneak an early Peloton ride in – it always feels good to get the workout done in the first part of the day. Mom duties: feed, play, nap on repeat the majority of the day. During his nap time I will catch up on emails and work as much as possible. Love to do a mid-afternoon walk to the dog park with Heidi and Iggy. Then top off the night with a tasty dinner with my hubs and some Netflix to unwind.

What are 3 tips you’d give someone looking to improve their overall wellness?

Tip #1: Lay your workout clothes out before you go to bed. Make that commitment and stick to it! That way you can roll out of bed and have no excuses!!

Tip #2: If you're looking to make a change, start small. Take a walk around the block- even if its a 10 minute power walk, its a 10 minute power walk you didn't do before! Celebrate the small steps and eventually you'll be tackling a 3 mile run in no time!

Tip #3: Eat for energy and not emotion. This one is tough, and I'm guilty a lot but if I can take a step back and ask myself is what I'm putting in my body fueling me for success and health, I tend to make better choices. I love eating colorfully too!! It's more exciting and encourages new culinary adventures for your taste buds!

Favorite form of exercise?

Dance Cardio!! Nothing is better than a sweaty dance party to awesome high powered music!

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Ha, to stress less!

What’s your favorite meal to prepare to make at home? 

Anti-inflammatory chocolate chip cookies!! I mostly freestyle this in the kitchen and make edits depending on what I have in my kitchen. I'm also a sucker for Oatmeal Scotchie cookies, yum!

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