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Meet the Menu Team

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We at Farmer's Fridge are a lucky bunch. We get to daydream about, create, eat, and talk food all day long – great food at that! Every meal you see in a Fridge, on shelves, or packaged in jars delivered to your door started off as a concept in our test kitchen before making its journey through the hands our many savvy teams and reaching its final destination.

Some menu items take months while some take years, but in the end we cherish every bit of the process because it challenges us to create healthy, fresh, balanced meals that you get to enjoy. Of course, all of this still comes down to the first bite a customer takes and more specifically, how it tastes. Thankfully we've got a special team dedicated to just that! It's time to put a face to the tasty food you eat – Meet the Research and Development menu team!! 


XX Chef Kyle

Head Chef

"I keep our menu exciting by working cross-functionally to develop fresh, seasonal items!"

Favorite Item: Elote Salad

Favorite menu item you've helped create: Chocolate Chia Pudding! It took a few years to get the recipe right, but we did it!

Favorite Chef: Chef Jesse Brockman is an inspiration to me. He won the first Great American Food Truck Race and operates numerous restaurants and venues along the west coast.



XX Andrew

Senior Menu R&D Specialist

"I trade food for data! I organize in-office tasting panels for new and existing menu items and people tell me what they think. I'm proud to say my emails have the quickest open rate company-wide."

Favorite Item: Baja Bowl

Favorite Tasting Panel: The Napa Chickpea Wrap because we got to hand out samples out in Chicago to our home base customers! It was great getting to hear directly from our Fridge Fans out there.

Favorite Chef: Anthony Bourdain, mostly for his work outside of the kitchen but he was the first celebrity chef that influenced me to cook. 




Associate R&D Chef

"I keep our menu exciting by working cross-functionally to develop fresh, seasonal items!"

Favorite Item: Baja Bowl because I spent five years in Los Angeles and it takes me back to my favorite SoCal flavors!

Favorite menu item you've helped create: Chocolate Chia Pudding

Favorite Chef: Molly Baz! I love her cooking style and personal brand, and it doesn't hurt that she uses a lot of my favorite ingredients in her recipes. I'm always waiting for what she does next and eager to test new recipes she creates.



Farmer’s Fridge started in 2013 selling fresh, healthy meals from refrigerated vending machines in places like airports and hospitals. Now, we’re bringing our individually packaged meals and snacks straight to retail locations, offices, universities and more through our Fridges and wholesale options. Want to see Farmer’s Fridge on your shelf or use our products to feed your organization? Learn more or get in contact today.