ATTN: Now Entering Salad Season – Farmer's Fridge Delivery

ATTN: Now Entering Salad Season

Since salads are kind of our thing, we think we have the right to officially name this time of year: Salad Season. That’s right – the sun is out, the temps are warming up, and we’re all reaching for what’s refreshing. 


Warm weather can mean many things but there’s no argument that it pairs perfectly with picnics, right? This #SaladSzn, leave your jacket at home and bring any one of our ready-to-eat salads to enjoy instead. Maybe you’ll take your picnic to the park? Either way your basket just got a whole lot easier to pack thanks to these portable jars

Think fresh eats on the go – wherever you go. A concept we can get behind! Making tasty, healthy food as accessible as possible has always been our goal, so if you’re trying to find a convenient way to get your greens in – look no further. Our fresh meal options are here and even ready to be delivered right to your door! Curious about home delivery? See if we deliver to you here.

Want to enjoy these fresh flavors ASAP? Make sure you have our app downloaded so you can always find a Fridge near you. If you’re in the Chicagoland, Philly, Boston, New Jersey, or New York area you could even make a quick Target run to pick up your Farmer’s Fridge – the choice is yours. So get into the ease of meals on the go, grab a fork, and get outside to relax on some grass! 


Consider these ways to enjoy Salad Season: 

  1. You can easily elevate any picnic with an impressive side salad. (Need some ideas? Keep reading.)
  2. Try treating yourself to more than a complimentary bag of plane pretzels the next time you travel. Yes, we’re in airports too!
  3. Let your future self thank you.

We couldn’t leave you without our official summer salad recs. Here are some of the salads our Fridge Fans can’t get enough of:  

Elote Salad
Our sweet and spicy summery salad, inspired by Elote (aka Mexican Street Corn). Featuring fire-roasted sweet corn, grape tomatoes, jalapeño, red onion, and freshly chopped herbs. Not to mention the crunchy tortilla strips, crumbled white cheese, and elote-inspired dressing. Yum.


Caprese Salad
Premium Salad Alert! Our deliciously decadent Caprese Salad is fresh, light, and the perfect plate of summer. Warning: these flavors will transport you right to Italy.
Apple Pecan Chicken Salad
Where each bite is a burst of excitement — pops of tart cranberries, a crunch of celery, creamy feta, and refreshing cucumber. TLDR: this salad is the perfect blend of flavors and textures that will leave you wanting more.  


View the entire lineup!

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